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About EquVici

Our passion is the well-being of animals and humans – and we want to share it with you.

Our products are among the market leaders in new and innovative solutions for the well-being of horses and dogs.

We work hard to promote the health, performance and harmony of horses and dogs with their people – owners, riders, drivers, friends and colleagues – through research and innovation.

EquVici's International's world

“When extraordinary ideas meet extraordinary people, amazing things will happen.”

Every inspired idea, every invention and industry began with an extraordinary moment. An idea, a merger of the others futures.

We started EquVici Int ‘an effective company, a good-hearted company, the best company in its class’ but our partners and mainstay customers are the “machine” that gets this powerful “ship” to sail in everyone’s eyes. There are customers, partners and EquVici together. It is extraordinary.

EquVici wants to be involved in creating life-changing moments, encouraging people to challenge themselves to the utmost and then even more. To create new experiences for themselves and take others with them.

Be extraordinary.

Be Brilliant

“Nothing is impossible. The impossible just takes a bit longer.”

Each supplier and partner is chosen for their own amazing features and their unique ways of looking at the modern animal, racing and professional world.

EquVici is extremely careful with suppliers and partners. We appreciate and take care of our partnerships a lot.

Extraordinary people have a lot in common. Their visions and disciplines are varied and different, but their view of life – their common life goals – often come from the same place.

Wonderful, the right word to express the feeling of working on something that contributes to a positive change in the animal world. the most fun is to work at all levels: from fathers and puppies to breeders to finished and fully-fledged competition, championships and professionals.

Be Great

“Do not hide your talents, they were given to you for use. What’s a sunshine in the shadow?”

EquVici’s world is full of inspirational people: perfectionists, visionaries, dreamers and true optimists, people of great character.

From the moment we had the idea of ‘An effective company, a good-hearted company, the best company in its class’ have these people played their part in our inspiring world.

That a company gets such loyalty – such passion and commitment from day one – is rare, but EquVici is not a regular business. For the characters that have brought forth EquVici, the driving force is and remains a dream, a passion, a vision, a business, a love story and a journey to new areas and beyond.

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