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ESSENTIAL Muscle & Mobility is a combination of energy, protein, herbs and several other health-promoting ingredients. The word protein derives from the Greek word proteios, which means “the most distinguished of its type”. Protein is used in the body to build up and/or repair all tissues; it is therefore necessary for all functions in your horse’s body. Muscle & Mobility contains traceable, organic and complete protein from hemp, which retains all of its essential amino acids in a beneficial combination, thanks to mild drying at a low temperature. We have also added carefully selected, plant-based vitamins and minerals. Together, the ingredients provide important components that your horse needs to efficiently develop muscles and to optimally aid recovery from muscle and tissue damage.



Natural, organic hemp protein, because
Hemp protein is a plant-based protein supplement produced from the seeds of the famous hemp plant. The hemp plant offers very healthful and useful products. Hemp protein is one of the most natural protein supplements available. Hemp seeds contain all amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids that must be included in the diet, and can thus be considered a complete protein source. From these nutritious seeds, hemp protein is also rich in dietary fibre, minerals and beneficial omega 3 fats. These fats are needed in order to repair cells, regulate blood pressure and to ensure normal functioning of the immune system. Source of iron: Iron is required for normal functioning of the blood’s uptake and transport of oxygen. Source of zinc: Zinc is an essential mineral that is needed to metabolise proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins normally. It also has an effect on the functioning of the immune system.

Energy is the key to all life. ESSENTIAL is the foundation of our assortment. It supports performance and enhances well-being, health and harmony. Your horse will be keen to work, have more endurance, and recover faster. The main ingredient of ESSENTIAL is Swedish-grown, traceable rapeseed. The rapeseed oil undergoes a scientifically developed process that corresponds with natural digestion. The result is a concentrated source of energy in a water-soluble powder form. The final product allows your horse to immediately and fully benefit from the energy that originated in the oil. The energy becomes more accessible for the horse’s metabolism when it is in water-soluble form, because the horse can easily digest the product, which in turn results in a minimal impact on the sensitive digestion system and intestinal functioning. This also results in a smaller load for the liver and kidneys.

Red Beets, because
Beets are rich in nitrate, which is converted in the body into nitric oxide. Studies show that the molecule expands and relaxes blood vessels, which in turn contributes to more oxygen-rich blood. Beets are abundant with alkaloids and folic acid, which together contribute to reducing the body’s homocysteine levels. Research shows that high homocysteine levels increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is no coincidence that so many athletes drink beet juice when they want to perform their best – the high nitrate content is not just for blood pressure.

Better circulation, lower blood pressure, and improved performance, metabolism and muscle functioning are what your horse can gain from eating beets. With an increased oxygen supply, muscle stamina increases for a better and longer performance. Even if the horse eats healthfully otherwise, there are still some toxins and waste products that must be cleaned out, and the liver bears the brunt of this work. A daily dose of beets can help. Studies show that betaine, an amino acid found in beets, can prevent and reduce the risk of liver disease. Beets are chock full of antioxidants that protect against cardiovascular disease, overweight and more. New research even shows that the substance that gives the root vegetable its pigment, betacyanin, can protect against carcinogenic substances.

Chlorella, because
Chlorella is a freshwater algae. It contains the most chlorophyll of any plant in the world – hence its name, Chlorella. It has existed on Earth for millions of years and is among the first plants to have ever existed. Chlorella is one of the healthiest foods available. It also has a powerful detoxifying effect. Chlorella is extremely beneficial for digestion: it encourages healthy bacteria (lactobacillus) to multiply four times faster than normal. Its extremely high chlorophyll content quickly neutralises body odours such as bad breath.

Mint, because
Mint is the perfect plant to have on hand because it has many healing properties. Mint has beneficial properties and a helpful effect that supports the digestive system with conditions such as gas/digestive problems, colic, diarrhoea, food poisoning and bile problems. Mint alleviates stomach problems by encouraging the muscles of the stomach/intestinal canal to relax.



EQ EC 2310

EQ EC 2315









Recommended allowance for pony

Recommended allowance for horse

Maximum daily allowance
0.75g/kg body weight/day

max. 300g per day for a horse weighing 400kg

Give less to horses with lower needs.

ESSENTIAL Muscle & Mobility is preferably administered with other feed.

ESSENTIAL Muscle & Mobility is not a medication.
You should always contact your veterinarian if you are unsure of your horse’s health.

Feed type
Supplementary feed

8kg and 25kg

Organic Hemp protein

Best by
18 months after the date of manufacture.
Store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Nutrition value/kg: 

Organic components only

Energy                23,29 MJ OE

Fiber                 147,5 g

Protein               394,35 Smrp

Moist                   3 – 6 g


Karoten                              147 mg

B1                                        7,99 mg

B2                                        7,31 mg

B3                                   256,25 mg

B5                                        5,35 mg

B6                                      25,65 mg

B12                                      0,19 mg

C vitamin                       129,25 mg

K-vitamin (K1)                  0,33 mg

Biotin                                 0,38 mg

Kolin                                 287,5 mg

Folsyra                                 5,6 mg

Inositol                               380 mg


Magnesium                  4012,5 mg

Kalcium                         881,36 mg

Koppar                               19,5 mg

Jod                                         1,5 mg

Järn                                    98,5 mg

Mangan                                4,8 mg

Fosfor                                  300 mg

Kalium                            2577,5 mg

Zink                                  116,44 mg


Alanin                                    34,85 g

Arginin                                   75,63 g

Asparaginsyra & Aspargin 66,94 g

Cystein                                    13,39 g

Cystationin                              0,09 g

Glutaminsyra                         45,62 g

Glycin                                        12,5 g

Histidin *                                31,45 g

Isoleucin *                             30,68 g

Leucin *                                  48,15 g

Lysin *                                    29,85 g

Metionin *                              17,75 g

Fenylalanin *                        32,48 g

Prolin                                      31,93 g

Serin                                        33,99 g

Treonin *                                27,35 g

Tryptofan *                               8,14 g

Tyrosin                                    22,68 g

Valin *                                     38,93 g

* Essential aminoacids

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