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Ascophyllum seaweed harvested in the still unaffected Arctic Ocean, Chlorella, Spirulina Red Algae and Nettle – all rich in natural vitamins and minerals. They are carefully dried at a low temperature to maintain and ensure the quality of the important vitamins and minerals. The natural balance between vitamins and minerals in the algae and nettle ensure optimal uptake, and just one low dose can efficiently meet the dog’s daily need.

Ascophyllum, because
This algae is harvested in the Arctic Ocean, which is still unaffected. The algae is very rich in important minerals, vitamins, trace elements, over 20 amino acids and even a large quantity of important omega 3 fatty acids.

Chlorella, because
Chlorella is a freshwater algae. It contains the most chlorophyll of any plant in the world – hence its name, Chlorella. It has existed on Earth for millions of years and is among the first plants to have ever existed. Chlorella is one of the healthiest foods available. It also has a powerful detoxifying effect. Chlorella is extremely beneficial for digestion: it encourages healthy bacteria (lactobacillus) to multiply four times faster than normal. Its extremely high chlorophyll content quickly neutralises body odours such as bad breath.

Spirulina, because
This algae is different from others in that it is especially rich in phycocyanins, which prevent cellular damage. Blue-green algae are the simplest type of algae. Blue-green algae are an ancient bacteria with the typical green pigment (chlorophyll) that enables the algae to carry out the vital process of photosynthesis. Algae have no nuclear membrane, which is why they are called prokaryotic bacteria. These are among the most important bacteria on earth and they have general immune-enhancing properties.

Nettle, because
Nettle is among the most nutritious of all plants. Nettle contains an abundance of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids, chlorophyll, essential amino acids, proteins, serotonin, acetylcholine etc. Nettle is particularly rich in iron and chlorophyll, which makes it an excellent way to stimulate blood production. It is basic and helps the body manage excess acidity. Nettle has been used throughout history because it is so nutritious.

Red algae, because
Lithothamnion – fossil red algae in powdered form is very easily absorbed by our dogs. Due to acidification, most natural calcium has disappeared from our arable land, which is why it is especially important to add calcium to feed today, and will probably be even more important in the future.



EQ EC 2905

EQ EC 2910

EQ EC 2915











Maximum daily allowance
5g/100kg body weight/day

Give less to horses with lower needs.

ESSENTIAL – Vitamins & Minerals is preferably administered with other feed.

ESSENTIAL – Vitamins & Minerals is not a medication. You should always contact your veterinarian if you are unsure of your horse’s health.

Feed type
Supplementary feed

1.5kg, 4kg and 10kg

Ascophyllum 65%
Chlorella 10%
Spirulina 10%
Nettle 10%
Red algae 5%

Best by
18 months after the date of manufacture.
Store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight.

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