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Essential Muscle & Mobility (1kg)


ESSENTIAL Muscle & Mobility is a combination of energy, protein, herbs and several other health-promoting ingredients. Protein is used in the body to build up and / or repair all tissue, thus it is necessary for all functions of the dog’s body.

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ESSENTIAL Muscle & Mobility is a combination of energy, protein, herbs and several other health-promoting ingredients. The word protein comes from the Greek word proteios which means “the prime of its kind”. Protein is used in the body to build and / or repair all tissue, therefore it´s necessary for all functions in the dog’s body. Muscle & Mobility contains traceable, organic and adequate hemp protein, which, thanks to mild and low temperature drying retains all nine essential amino acids in a favorable combination. We have also added carefully selected fully bioabsorbable vitamins and minerals. Together, the ingredients supply all the important components that the dog absolutely needs to effectively develop muscles, perform on top and help recover from muscle and tissue injury or disease in the best possible way.


ESSENTIAL because: Energy is the source to all life. ESSENTIAL is the true backbone of our product range, which promotes performance and enhances well-being, health and harmony. The dog becomes more willing, gets more stamina and recovers faster. The raw material in ESSENTIAL is Swedish-grown, traceable and GMO-free rapeseed. The rapeseed oil has undergone a scientifically developed process that corresponds to the natural digestive process. The result is a concentrated source of energy in water soluble powder form. The final product allows the dog to immediately and fully utilize the energy originally found in the oil. As said before – The energy becomes more available in the dog’s metabolism when it is in a water-soluble form as the dog easily can digest the product, which in turn causes minimal impact on its sensitive digestive system and bowel functions. This also results in a reduced stress on the liver and kidneys.

Natural, organic hemp protein because: Hemp protein is an adequate protein supplement that is made from seeds from the famous hemp plant. Hemp protein is one of the most natural protein supplements available. Hemp seeds contain all  amino acids including the nine essential amino acids needed from the diet and can therefore be seen as a source of adequate protein. From these nutritional seeds, the hemp protein also provides plenty of dietary fiber, minerals and useful omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are needed, i.a. to repair cells, regulate blood pressure and ensure that the immune system functions normally. It is a source of iron: Iron is needed for the absorption and transport of oxygen by the blood to function normally. It is a source of zinc: Zinc is a vital mineral thatneeded for the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins to function normally. It also affects the function of the immune system.

Black currants because: They are stuffed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The purple or dark red shade comes from antioxidant antocyanins and carotenes. Black currants also contain a lot of potassium that is good when high blood pressure. Antocyanins are believed to be able to prevent many diseases. They are especially believed to be protective for the eyes, brain and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Antocyanins are especially present in, for example, blackcurrants. They are antioxidants and appear anti-inflammatory. Black currants contain vitamins A, B3, C, E, K and among others. potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium and plenty of flavonoids.

Mint because: Mint is the perfect plant to have available since it has many healing properties. Mint have good properties that promote the digestive system. In conditions such as gas disorder, indigestion, colic, diarrhea, food poisoning and gall problems mint may have a helping effect. Mint relieve gastric problems i.a. by relaxing the muscles of the gastrointestinal area.

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